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Thursday 15th of April 2010

Getting the best out of your wedding photos
Wedding Photography

I came across this from a website in Auz here is a link if any of you are palnning a wedding across the globe. But do check out the website for some fun individual ideas.  Click here to see the full website.

I have picked out some of my fave hints and tips you you guys..

Every photographer is different. Once you choose the artist who will be photographing your day, the number one thing you can do to get the best out of them is *trust them.*

But, here is one photographers personal guide to what helps create the right environment for FABULOUS wedding photos. It goes without saying that some wedding days are easier to shoot and achieve magnificent results than others. Some of those reasons are outlined below. It is the professionals job to create professional results, no matter what the shooting conditions but remember they can only shoot what is already there.

Light is EVERYTHING when it comes to photography. Don’t get ready in a house with no natural light. Choose a spacious well lit room or better yet, a fabulous hotel room. It will make such a difference to your photos

Natural light coming from open windows or doorways creates pretty soft FLATTERING light. Thinks lots and lots of soft pretty natural light. Your skin will look better, your details will look better, *everything* looks better in soft pretty natural light.

Think about props. They don’t have to be cheesy. Bocce, bow-ties, braces, wellington boots, a bike, basket of flowers, cupcakes, vintage books if you love reading, chairs in the middle of a field – anything that is really you and portrays your personal style.

Think about being unique. Don’t do what your friends did, or what people tell you to. It really is true when they say, “It’s your day!”

Anyway I hope some of these hints and tips helped anyone who is planning or attending a wedding. Thinkng about some of these will really help to make your day special.
Tuesday 23rd of March 2010

Hi so here we go with this blogging thing.  Now I must admit I not the best at the whole writing thing hence the more visual style of career but I thought that a blog might be a good way of keeping you guys up to date with my many photographic outlets and ideas.  I also think it might be a way for some of you to get an idea of who is behind the Tulip.

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